How long does it take to clean a 1500 square foot house?

This can be done per room or throughout the house; that depends on you and the customer. After you get the square footage, a general rule for cleaning time is 1.5 hours per 1000 square feet for general cleaning.

How long does it take to clean a 1500 square foot house?

This can be done per room or throughout the house; that depends on you and the customer. After you get the square footage, a general rule for cleaning time is 1.5 hours per 1000 square feet for general cleaning. Even if you clean your house regularly, there may be times when a thorough cleaning is necessary. If you, your family, or your guests experience frequent allergy symptoms, this could be a sign that you need a thorough cleaning.

Dust and grime often hide in cracks and crevices that can cause allergies. If you or your family are bothered by traditional cleaning chemicals, you can sometimes request an eco-friendly cleaning in which the cleaners use green, less toxic and healthier cleaners that are often made from natural products. While traditional cleaners are designed to quickly remove dirt and grime, people who are sensitive to chemicals may feel annoyed by them, with irritations to the eyes and lungs. Green cleaners tend to be less aggressive and can be a good alternative.

These products may come standard in some companies, especially niche companies that advertise all-natural cleaning products. Keep in mind that companies can't advertise eco-friendly products if they don't use them. If marketing materials claim that the products are non-toxic but do not comply with regulations, the company violates the FTC. The FTC provides free guides to consumers interested in using environmentally friendly cleaning products and can be found here.

General house cleaning is a service that keeps your home at a level of cleanliness. Depending on whether you do it yourself or hire someone, general cleaning can be done daily or weekly and covers most surfaces in the house. Deep cleaning is different, it looks for deep dirt and dirt in the house and is usually done once every six months or once a year. Both usually cover every room in the house, but the level of cleaning varies.

A thorough cleaning is also generally recommended at the start of a cleaning service contract. After deep cleaning, a weekly or monthly cleaning service focuses more on maintaining the house. Deep cleaning involves moving furniture that may remain fixed in place for months and focusing on the interior of appliances that may have been neglected. Baseboards and walls are areas that should generally be aimed at during deep cleaning.

Since deep cleaning is more thorough and requires more labor, it is also more expensive. Here's a closer look at the prices for regular cleaning versus. The recurring cleaning service is faster because the waitresses remove 7 to 14 days of accumulated dirt instead of several weeks or months. Our team of three waitresses can clean between 1500 and 2000 square feet per hour for our customers on a weekly and biweekly basis.

The less frequent the service, the more accumulation we will see and the longer we will be at home. Other factors influence rhythm, such as family members (two- and four-legged), decoration, mess and surfaces (hardwoods take longer than tiles, marble or granite take longer than corian, etc.). Once the house has been thoroughly cleaned, maintenance cleaning should take about three hours. Maid Brigade is a Green Clean certified cleaning service, which means they offer eco-friendly products and supplies.

They will clean the ceiling fans and lighting elements, thoroughly clean the tiles and grout, and shampoo the carpets, among other more requested tasks. Deep cleaning a home kitchen is expensive, requiring a housekeeper to clean several appliances. Companies can estimate how long it will take workers to clean the house based on the total number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Another benefit of using a franchise is that housewives follow a strict to-do list to confirm that their home is completely clean.

If you are cleaning a house on your own, it usually takes about 3 hours to complete a standard size house. Some start with the basic cost of a general cleaning and then add in the specific costs of individual deep cleaning services. Like deep cleaning a normal room, it involves moving furniture and thoroughly removing dirt and debris from floors and carpets. Depending on where you focus your deep cleaning efforts, your cleaners will use a wide range of tools and equipment, including steam mops, scrub brushes, water buckets, microfiber dusters, carpet removers, vacuums, floor cleaning machines, steam cleaning equipment, brushes, pads and a variety of cleaning products, chemicals and solutions, and more.

It consists of traditional tasks, but they will also thoroughly clean the stairs and the carpets on the steps. In general, small homes are designed so that most surfaces are cleaned and cleaned during a basic session. Wasting productivity is a top priority for many cleaners, who usually have to meet the schedule of many of their other cleaners. When you move in, it's generally recommended to do a thorough cleaning of the property, especially if you rent, to receive your full deposit.

The cobwebs in the corners will remove dust and the cleaners will focus on removing dirt from moldings and skirting boards. They will thoroughly clean floors, furniture and upholstery, polish cabinets and wooden details, wash walls and clean curtains, among other tasks. . .

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